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Complete Drain & Sewer Line Rooter Service

In-Line “SewerCam” Video Quickly Locates Your Exact Problem

Mechanical Cleaning With “Drain Line Snaking”

“Hydro Jetting” Sewer & Drain lines For Stubborn Stoppages

“Trenchless” Drain & Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Bathroom Sinks, Shower & Tub Drains Unclogged

Stopped-up Toilets Fixed Fast

Kitchen Sink Drains Flow Freely

Garbage Disposals Unclogged & Repaired To Last

Our Honest Technicians Will Clean Your Toughest Sewer & Drain Pipe Problems

“You deserve outstanding plumbing service, up-front pricing…

…and clean, courteous, trustworthy technicians”

SewerRooter understands that a broken or stopped-up water, drain or sewer line is a serious emergency, and we promise to respond quickly to correct the problem.

Homeowners too often forget about proper maintenance of drain and sewer lines until it’s too late.  A backed-up sewer line will cause a real mess!  SewerRooter will clear your stopped-up drain and sewer lines TODAY!

Kitchen Drains

…will clog and drain slower as greases, soaps, fats and detergents build up on the inner walls of the pipes.  This will eventually cause blockage.  Our Service Technician will use a SewerRooter Sink Machine to cut through the clog and remove all the debris. Your kitchen drain pipes will flow like new again!

Bathroom Shower, Tub & Sink Drains

…clog problems are usually caused by soap and hair build-up in the trap and drain pipe.  You should never see standing water when taking a shower.    Your skilled SewerRooter Service Technician will use our special SewerRooter Tub & Shower Drain Cleaning Machine that thoroughly cleans out the drain system.

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Sewer lines may become compromised because of tree root intrusion, corrosion, soil settlement, offset joints, clogging or even total collapse of the drain pipe.  In addition, baby diapers or wipes, feminine hygiene items, toys, cooking grease and too many other items should not be put into your sewer lines.  But unfortunately, they are often the reason a sewer line gets clogged-up.


Sewer-Rooter offers Professional Sewer Inspections using our exclusive Sewer-Rooter Video “SewerCams.”  Our Certified Drain Technicians will determine your individual problem quickly and offer the best solutions.  He will explain the nature of the problem in detail, give you all the options and describe the all the steps and time needed to efficiently correct the problem for the lowest possible cost.  Sewer-Rooter promises to complete the entire project with no delays and NO hidden costs.  We will make the project as painless as possible and correct the problem quickly.

Sewer line damage often occurs when tree roots grow through cracked lines. It only takes a single crack in a sewer line to cause a blockage.  Our patented Sewer-Rooter System will clean and clear any blockage fast!  We will then quickly repair or replace only that damaged portion of the sewer line.

“Our greatest concern was the prospect of digging up the beautiful garden and walkway we worked so hard to get just right.  With SewerRooter’s new trenchless method, nothing was torn up or damaged and we saved thousands in restoration costs.  If we had contracted with another company to dig a trench in our yard with the old sewer replacement methods, it would have cost us more than $5000 extra just for the work – not counting replacement costs.”  Dr. John Arlington

Traditional Sewer & Drain Line Repair Method

Sewer line repairs are normally performed using the “open cut” or “trench” method. This can be a very useful solution in many situations.  But in other situations, this can involve digging the entire length of the pipe line to get access to the damaged area. A backhoe may also be required to open and refill the work area. Imagine that mess! Imagine losing your garden, driveway or walkway!

SewerRooter’s Patented Trenchless Solution

THE GOOD NEWS:  With Sewer-Rooter gone are the days of digging massive trenches and destroying driveways, walkways and landscapes. With our unique trenchless method, just two small access holes are dug, one at each end of the damaged pipe area. This means that we usually complete a job in less time, with less disruption, and the landscape stays fully intact. The result is a cleaner job and much lower costs.


Using your broken sewer line as a guide, our hydraulic machine pulls full-sized seamless, corrosion proof polyethylene replacement pipe through the old pipe. The new pipe is highly resistant to leaks and root intrusion, with a long life expectancy.  In effect, “a pipe within a pipe” is created to restore free flow. And your new pipe is not just any pipe…it has a 100 year life-span!

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